Krishanu Sankar

Hi, I'm Krishanu. I'm a mathematician by training, a quantum information scientist by trade, and an explorer at heart. I want to move people towards experiencing what in life really matters. Internal reflection, learning about cool things, creating community, and having adventures are big parts of that for me.

I think that quantum technologies built in the next few decades will fundamentally change the way we do physical science. Far better simulation and sensing techniques will transform our access to new physics, materials, and chemistry. The new technology coming out of this space is the basis for building the cleaner, more sustainable world that I want. I feel lucky to play a part in it.

I also think the quantum community needs to think about possible misuse of these technologies and the concentration of resources and power that can manifest in a profit-driven system. As with any emerging technology, the community needs to think about how to steer towards the right outcomes, and how to do the work in the right way. I believe in the power of open-source and distributed, networked science done for communal gain.

High-tech along is not going to solve our world's problems -- we need to work on our culture, too. Some other spaces I think about:

Transportation: more bikes and trains, fewer cars and planes! I'm an avid runner and cyclist, and want to share the love of moving through space with our bodies. I want a system where nobody needs to own a car to participate in life. I've lived 31 years without ever owning a car, and I don't feel I'm missing out. I did a bike trip down part of the Pacific Coast of North America in 2021, and you can read about it here!

Education: I feel our formalized education system is more focused on evaluation than learning. This does students a great disservice. With the internet age, the system is changing logistically, but a deeper philosophical change is needed as well.

Consumerism: I want to lessen waste and consumptive needs. We have to consume to live life well, but a lot of what we consume doesn't serve that purpose. Much of the waste is invisible to us, but our environment and those less privileged face the consequences. It requires a cultural shift to be mindful to buy only what we truly need, and then take ownership of what we use. We should be owners, not consumers.

Community: My home culture in US cities puts a great deal of emphasis on productivity, and not enough on contentment and community. How do we build better communities which sustain themselves? How do we be more grounded and connected to our surroundings?

If any of the above resonates with you, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or email (sankark1991[at]gmail[dot]com). I love to have conversations with value-aligned folks. I've also got a blog where I've written about my past trips. I post occasional writing there, and intend to make this a regular habit. Stay tuned.